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LH Homemade are a company offering Highly Scented Soy Wax Products, Highly Scented Room Diffusers, Room Sprays, Scented Sachets, Floor Fresheners, Soap Sponges and much more. Their products are 100% homemade with love to a very high standard. So we were more than happy to share their great creations with our own customers.

Soap Fluff is a highly scented whipped soap. This can be used as a general soap, shaving foam, shower wash and bubble bath. it comes in a 200ml PET jar with 140g of soap fluff.
  • Use as a shampoo 
  • Use as a shaving cream 
  • Best fake tan remover EVER! removes every last bit


Lather up when in the shower/bath and use where ever you wish and wash off with warm water. Keep lid on to prevent spoiling.