Why Ocean Exists

Ocean is a concept we came up with after working with near on 1000 clients in our Personal Training facility Platform Personal Training Gym.

As our facility grew we decided we couldn't sit on our idea any longer and we needed to make it a reality.

The goal of Ocean is to delve deeper in to well-being than exercise can alone and we want to do this in two different ways.

Firstly we want to provide mental health support in the form of stress management, support for anxiety and depression and help you lead a happier life through aiding the thoughts going through your mind. Exercise can help your mental state indirectly but we wanted a service that would allow us to support mental health directly and powerfully.

Secondly we want to provide access to health and well-being products. We have always felt that health and well-being stores lacked the knowledge, experience and passion to actually connect customers with the products that will push them towards their goals.

When you know you have an issue and venture in to a health and well-being store for a solution you are hit with 1000's of products of which you'll probably never heard have 990 of them. Maybe the ones you needed are the ones you don't know and the ones you are using aren't the best for what you need? You walk in wanting a solution - not just a product.

By building that relationship with you we will be looking to create that solution for your mind and general well-being.

It is the same concept as our personal training facility - people come to us with issues around their health and well-being that we use our knowledge and expertise to solve.

Ocean is born from the same idea but instead of our service being Personal Training and Nutrition Support we will be using our knowledge and expertise to connect customers to the right products and mental support to aid their well-being and solve their problems.

We will be following the same process of engaging our customers and building a relationship with them to work out their problems, identify the cause and provide a solution to support their health and well-being.

Ocean is a lifestyle.

When you work with us it is you saying YES to making yourself number one.

Yes to supporting yourself physically and mentally.

Yes to living life to the fullest with a strong body and vibrant mind.

Throughout the turbulent 2020 we have all faced we have pushed on with our vision and it is now a reality.

We have been working on both sides of our operation In-Person and Online.

We have been developing our Online offering - our Care Packages - since March 2020. We had planned to get them in to the world for the middle of the year but as with everyone's plans this year it didn't work out.

We have managed to use that to our advantage to spend more and more time developing our products and now they are out in to the world.

Our Care Packages are genuinely a game changer.

The few people close to us who have been involved in the development for their opinion have already asked if they can secure their own boxes before they go on sale!

They are now out in the world and a limited amount will be available of our Health and Fitness Box and our Self Care Package.

Secondly we have been working hard on making our In Person retail location become a reality. Based next to Platform Personal Training on Park Road in Dukinfield we have watched as our unit went from being ripped out, turned in to a shell and now being painted and the finishing touches coming together.

The goal of our In-Person location is the same as online but the way we will deliver our service will be slightly different.

Online we will have our Care Packages and Mental Health Workshops available whereas in person as well as our mental health support we will sell more all round health and well being products and will be connecting with local suppliers and producers to use our passion and knowledge for health and well-being to connect our customers to products and produce that will support them. 

Ocean in-person will sell Personal Well-Being, Health Management, Weight Management, Seasonal, Fresh-To-Go and we will have a Protein Pick'N'Mix to lose yourself in.

Using our knowledge and expertise in store we will be able to guide you to proven products based on your goals to support your well-being, boost your training and make life a little more fun. We will offer Meal Prep from a local company Nala Nourish and cold pressed juices from Health Honey Saddleworth and will be looking to expand to more local suppliers once we are in operation.

I'm sure we can all agree 2020 has been a s**t show and we are all ready to put it behind us.

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