Ocean's Relax Kids Sessions

Does your child lash out at you for no apparent reason?

Is your child clingy and reluctant to join social situations?

Does your child struggle at school and feel like school work, making friends everything else in life is a bit much?

Many children experience stress and anxiety in their life that can manifest in many different behaviours, including trouble sleeping/nightmares, getting in trouble at school and negative behavioural changes such as aggression and tantrums.

However, these behaviours can often be resolved by giving children the tools to understand the world they live in and better cope with their emotions.

Unfortunately these vital skills are overlooked by the school curriculum, and there are limited services available that can positively benefit a child's emotional development.

Ocean Health and Well-being is here for those children that need a break from the stresses in their life and give them the opportunity to develop these vital skills.

We believe every child should have access to support that encourages them to feel more positive, resilient and confident.

We aim to support children to build good emotional health through relaxation and  meditation.

Each session follows an award winning 7-step process that works through each child's natural energy system to leave them in a relaxed state where they are ready to learn. Each of the 7 steps have their own distinct well-being benefits but work seamlessly as a whole session. The 7 step process is as follows:


This involves warm up activities that encourage the release of natural endorphins


A game that encourages social interaction with others in the session


Simple stretching exercises that promote balance in the body and develop concentration skills


Simple peer and self massage which teaches kindness, empathy and good social skills. It also reduces tendencies towards violent or aggressive behaviours. These are usually game based.


Simple breathing techniques which help them clear their mind and relax. We encourage them to use these techniques whenever they feel anxious or stressed.


Teaches how to use positive affirmations to help them recognise and believe in their positive qualities: 'so I say, so I believe, so I behave'.


Visualisation / guided meditiation which promotes imagination, while letting them relax and let go on muscle tension.

Our sessions are creative, imaginative and fun but give them the opportunity to learn a massive amount of skills, including:

  • the ability to self soothe by taking them to a calm place where they can give their brain a break
  • the ability to recognise and manage emotions in a better way
  • build more resilience and confidence
  • improve sleep
  • improve social interaction and connections with others
  • improve creativity, concentration and memory which can benefit their education

Our Sessions

Our kids sessions are split into 3 age groups. The content and way the session is delivered varies to make it age appropriate and understandable and engaging for every child.

Our sessions have structured set of themes and topics to cover, however they can be tailored to support your child's individual needs where necessary.


Little Stars - 2-5 years

A 30 minute session with a focus on:

  • Engaging children with nursery rhymes, crafts and play
  • Activities that help children to identify simple emotions e.g. happiness and helpfulness
  • Making affirmations and relaxation imaginative 

Relax Kids - 5-11 years

A 40 minute session with a focus on:

  • deeper understanding of emotions, how they feel in the body and what actions/behaviours would happen when feeling that emotion.
  • session is centred around different themes (e.g. superheroes and pirates) to keep stretching, affirmations and meditations imaginative and creative
  • also involves crafts such as colouring to maintain engagement and concentration
  • we send all children home with a 7 day journal to track their thoughts and feelings throughout the week and practice the tools they have learnt in their lesson.
  • we also send all children home with other items such as bubbles or balloons that make breathing exercises easy and fun to do at home

Chill Skills - 11-15 years:

45 mins - 1 hour lesson focusing on:

  • understanding changes in the body, mood & emotions that occur during this time in their life
  • discussion of changes in environment (e.g. going to high school) to make these transitions a little easier
  • discussion of topics related to developing a healthy lifestyle
  • deeper emotional intelligence is developed
  • we give children a 7 day journal at the end of their session that they can use to track their thoughts and feelings throughout the week and practice using the tools they have learnt in their session

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