Welcome To Ocean's Mental Well-Being Support

'A must for me and my mental health' - Helena (member)

Who do we help?

Ocean's mental well-being service is open to anyone who wants to feel happier, manage stress and learn relaxation techniques. It is also great for people who are looking for a bit of 'me' time away from a stressful work or home life. 

We also offer well-being support to children aged 2-15. These sessions are great for kids who would benefit from learning new skills associated with their mental and emotional development.

How we help

We offer a range of sessions that aim to instill 'positive subconscious reactions' to stress, anxiety and depression. Our sessions give you to tools to:

  • Control your thoughts and have better social interactions 
  • Better decision making and more positive thought patterns
  • Better, more restful sleep allowing you to feel refreshed and ready for the day.

This will then snowball and continually improve well-being over time.

Our kids sessions are creative and fun while still providing the tools to self soothe, explore and manage emotions and build confidence. Our sessions can have a massive impact on a child's general behaviour as well as their academic performance.

Our sessions follow an award winning 7 step system which takes users from high energy to low energy, which helps the body relax and feel refreshed. We teach and encourage users to then incorporate the 7 steps into their daily routines which means the benefits of the sessions can be maintained throughout the week.

Why we are different

We are the only service that offers mindfulness, meditation, yoga and online well-being support in one easily accessible and affordable service.

We also consider Ocean to be an amazing service that can prevent the onset of more serious mental health issues and can reduce the likelihood of needing further treatment, where you can be met with long waiting lists.

We aim to build a positive community in which every member can get to know each other and support each other, not just in sessions but throughout everyday life.


How our service works

We will initially start you on our 30 day 'relax and recharge' program.

Before your 30 day program starts, we will invite your to one of our introduction sessions that will talk you through the service in detail and everything you can expect over the course of the program. You will also be provided with a mindfulness journal and a care package that will benefit your well-being outside of your sessions.

We will then get you booked onto your first session and give you access to our Facebook group alongside our other members who can support and chat to you throughout your journey.

From the end of your first couple of sessions you will start to see the difference in your stress levels, sleep and overall well-being. 

Click the links below to see more about our sessions and how you can get started with us:

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