30 Day Relax & Recharge Program

Does life ever feel a bit much?

Struggle to think straight with overhwhelm, stress and 'Brain Fog'?

Ever feel yourself getting anxious, low or even feel yourself on that precipice of spiralling into depression?

Ocean Well-Being Support is here for people who want to release their mental handcuffs and lead a happier life.

“The Gym For Your Mind”

In the same way people use the gym to prevent the onset of illness Ocean Well-Being support is the “Gym for your Mind” and is here to help keep your mind active and healthy with more tools to help control your thoughts and emotions.

Life has a great way of bombarding us with information all day long that we have to process.

Throw in life traumas, stress of work, finances and social life and everything can get a bit overwhelming.

Our minds can spiral away with unhelpful thought patterns and that can lead to emotions we can struggle to process.

Unchecked this may manifest itself into huge stress, anxiety or depression in your mind.

To combat this stress and negative energy many people will look to all kinds of things to feel better but some can do more harm than good.

Alcohol & Drugs

For some it will be to turn to alcohol and substances which we all know can help us feel good in the short-term but accelerate the spiral downward in the long term.

Exercise & Nutrition

Other people may do something more positive like exercise and controlling nutrition and although these are scientifically proven to help promote a positive mind (and we absolutely encourage at Ocean!) they don’t address the problem directly.

It can end up masking or pro-longing a problem as it hasn’t addressed it.


Others will go for all manners of strategies in-between both consciously and subconsciously to manage stress with some having a negative effect and some having a positive effect.

Often without any concious decision that this is a strategy you have implemented to combat your stress - when it is left as random is when it often becomes a toxic strategy.

"You think you've relaxed when you sit down but you aren't. You have literally just stopped, that's all. You have done nothing to calm your mind."

Kate Etchells - Attendee

Why what Ocean does is different

The reason what we do works is because we look to address the problems in our minds directly and provide new tools that aim to instill ‘positive subconscious reactions’ to stress, anxiety and depression to reduce the potential onset of negative thought patterns and emotions.

This allows us to unshackle the handcuffs on our minds and disperse the brain fog to go about our daily lives happier and more productively while having the tools to control stress and anxiety when it inevitably comes our way.

“You think when you sit down at night or go to bed that you are relaxed, like you have switched off but you haven’t. Your mind is still going, you are just sat still. Physically you have stopped but you haven’t done anything mentally to stop it. The tools I have learned have allowed me to understand how to better control my mind and when I use the tools I have learned the only way I can describe it is ‘feeling like a marshmallow, all warm and fluffy’. I’ve felt the impact already.”

It is this effect that begins a positive mental spiral that snowballs.

Better tools to control your thoughts allow better social interactions, better decision making, better sleep which leads to improved mood and more positive thought patterns which in turn snowballs to again improve the tools you have in your mind and on it goes positively building momentum until it can’t be stopped.

Introducing Ocean 30 Day Relax and Recharge Program

Over our 30 Day Program we will look to undo that stress, remove the brain fog and give you tools to control your thoughts and emotions Day to Day.

What You Can Expect From The 30 Days:

️ChargeUp Your Well-Being
Control your thoughts and your feelings to be in charge of your emotions

️Find Your Inner Calm
Remove the mental shackles that hold you back day to day

️Be In A Space You Can BE Rather Than DO
Attend a place that allows you to re-centre and avoid the chaos of your day to day

️Meet More People And Feel More Confident
Socialise in a non-judgemental place and leave with more confidence to take in to your day to day

️Support Your Health And Immune System
Your body doesn't know if the stress you encounter is physical or mental so by removing the mental stress in your mind it has a powerful effect on you physically

️Feel Calm And In Control
Live your day to day relaxed and at peace with the skills you will collect from the program


One of our amazing members Helena

"A must for me and my mental health"

Ocean Well-Being ChargeUps are in person group sessions delivered on site in our incredible custom built well-being space.

Lead by our incredible mental well-being specialist Maria she will take you through 7 powerful steps that are designed to specifcially lead from one to the next so that by the end of the session you feel refreshed, revitalised and with a healthier mind. 

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.

Step 1

A couple of realisations occur as soon as you attend your first couple of sessions as you begin to realise what being relaxed actually feels like and how that impacts your day to day.

Step 1
Step 2

It Becomes The Focus Of Your Week

By week two the sessions will become the highlight of your week and the stopping point for you to give yourself the mental space and physical time to reset and recharge. At this point you will have felt the power of the sessions and you'll begin to manage your life around the sessions and not the other way around. This is powerful as it is you putting you first.

Step 2
Step 3

Tools To Manage Your Day to Day

After a month you'll begin to notice yourself using the strategies in your day to day life to control your mind and you'll begin to feel yourself floating above your problems in your mind with the mental space to think clearly.

Step 3

What you get on the 30 Day Relax & Recharge Program:

Access to a powerful 7 step program that drives results ( Value: Priceless)
In the words of our members the 7 step program we deliver will leave you feeling "refreshed", "recharged", "respected", "supported", "less stressed" and will "reset your week".

25+ Well-Being Sessions (Value: £200)
In a nationwide pilot of the well-being program we deliver 85% of people reported feeling "more calm and relaxed" and 98% of people "requested more sessions".

4+ Yoga sessions (Value: £32)

Yoga delivered by the amazing Activ8 Sports Therapy is included in the well-being program. Designed alongside the well-being sessions to help you relax, feel more mobile and improve your quality of life day to day.

Facebook Group (Value: Priceless)

You will find our community and our Well-Being Team posting regular support to give your well-being a positive push when you arent with us. 

Mental Health Support Worker on hand to help

Community here for you (Value: Priceless)
All the way through the program our Mental Health Support worker will be on hand to help your well-being and we can support you with our connections in to other services if you feel you need deeper support.

Access to a private space dedicated to your wellbeing (Value: Priceless)

You will have access to a private space specifically dedicated to aiding your well-being and making you feel relaxed. A space dedicated to taking you away from the day-to-day chaos life can provide. Not many people have a space like that and until your experience it it is difficult to put in to words just what that means.

How Much Does It Cost?
We should charge around £250+ for this program but we felt uneasy about charging so much for a mental well-being service that we want to powerfully impact the community with.

Not because it isn't worth that - it 100% is worth £250+.

But that would alienate so many in the community that we want to support.

We want Ocean to be a freely and easily accessible service and it was born out of the need for more mental health services so we didn't want to create another service that would be out of reach for so many.

So we decided to use the shop to subsidise our well-being support meaning we can offer the 30 Day Relax & Recharge Program for one payment of £49.

So that means you will get access to the whole 30 Day Relax & Recharge Program including unlimited Well-Being and Yoga sessions, a physical care package, remote support in our facebook group and be supported in a private space by a mental health support worker all designed to support your happiness for £49.

Put your details in the box to get a call back from our team

We will discuss the program and see if you are a good fit.

If you decide to give it a go we will book you in over the phone taking a payment of £49 to secure your spot and booking you on to your Intro Session.

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Our 30 Day Relax & Recharge Program is your chance to test what we do and see if you like the place while we work with you to relax, recharge and have skills to use in everyday life.

After the 30 Day Relax &  Recharge Program you have three easy ways of using our service going forwards

Who We Are

You may wonder who we are and what entitles us to run these sessions.

Ocean was born from a couple of frustrations.

Maria who delivers our well-being sessions had worked in mental health for the last 15+ years and for the majority of the last few years she had worked with children with behavioural issues.

Through that work she found that the parents and her colleagues needed her support as much as the children.

She had begun to deliver group sessions for colleagues and parents and wanted to expand it out.

At the same time the management team at Platform PT Gym in Dukinfield had wanted to do more to support their members mental health as well as reach more people in the community.

They had numerous situations where members opened up about their mental health but as they were training in nutrition and exercise they couldn't support members as much as they wanted.

Through conversations with Maria we found we had a shared desire to impact more people in the community with mental health support and felt there was a gap between NHS support/ private counselling and apps like Headspace.

An option in the middle that would prevent people going down the spiral of severe mental health conditions by teaching them skills to stay vibrant minded in an environment that supports positive mental and physical health.

An option that is more accessible without long waiting list and can give people immediate support to a group here to benefit their mental health and their well-being.

So we partnered up, signed for a new unit and custom built a space we could begin to support mental health.

Our mission now is to impact and support as many as we can.

Mia, Mark and Maria on our open day, what a day! 42 people came to experience our service on day 1!

Our Space

We have a space that has been custom built to provide well-being support.

We designed it with the end in mind to provide the most comfortable and relaxing environment we could.

It is a large space with a high spec finish that allows us to set different moods in the room.

With high end ventilation and air con installed we can set the environment to exactly whatever we need to make people feel comfortable and suit our session.

And with the ever smiley and always happy Maria on hand you'll always feel welcome and comfortable as we take you on a journey to feel happier.

You will find us at Unit 4 67 Park Road in Dukinfield, SK165LX.

What Our Attendees Say


We are based on Park Road in Dukinfield between Platform PT Gym and the old Park Road Cafe.

To find us enter the car park for Platform PT Gym (Ocean customers can park their too - you'll see us on the signage) head to the back of the car park and we are in the unit at the back on the right hand side.

Our address is

Ocean Health and Well-Being
Unit 4, 67 Park Road

We have a variety of sessions running in the weekday evenings at different times from 4pm to 9pm and we have sessions on a Saturday morning too.

You have access to our booking system that shows all the sessions available and you can book in from there, we will know you are coming and when you arrive we will take care of the rest! 

After the 30 Day Relax & Recharge Program we have 3 options for using our service going forwards:

> £49 per month for unlimited access to all we do.
> £70 for a block of 10 sessions to be used over 6 months from first use
> £8 for a one off session

Once you attend your Intro Session for the program we will set you up with our booking app so you can see all the times and sessions available and book the ones that suit you.

It is super easy to see what is available and then book in to the time that suits.

Once you are booked in we can see that you are coming and then we will take care of the rest when you arrive. 

It is not a counselling session.

There will be nothing in the sessions where you have to talk about anything deep or embarrasing that you would discuss in private with a counsellor.

It is a fun and friendly group session, you wont be put in to any uncomfortable situations where you have to talk about things you arent comfortable with - it is nothing like that. 

If the sessions do make you feel like you need deeper support such as counselling then we can support you with that process connecting you to one of the amazing local support services in our network and assisting you on your journey.

All you need to bring is yourself and some comfy clothes - not because you'll be jumping around, just so you are more relaxed.

The well-being sessions are nothing like a gym session.

There is no jumping around etc.

You may do small stretching but nothing challenging or strenuous - it's just to help you to relax.

The Yoga sessions which you also have access to are obviously more strenuous but they are in addition to the program and although highly recommended you give them a go if you can't physically do them it wont affect your progress on the Relax & Recharge.

The Relax & Recharge Program is perfect for adults - anyone over the age of 18.

We have separate Kids sessions for younger children.

The sessions are a halfway between simple meditation or mindfulness and deeper counselling.

They are perfect for anyone who wants to feel happier, manage stress, learn relaxation techniques and recharge their well-being.

In a national pilot 85% of people felt calmer by the end of the program.

It is designed to help you control thoughts and feelings and prevent the onset of mental illnes.

The program is brilliant to help you stay mentally healthy, happy and strong and if you have recieved support for anxiety or depression the program is brilliant to help support your recovery.

However if you have severe mental illness then you likely will need more serious support which we will be happy to aid you with with the amazing local network we have of support services.

After the 30 Days you have no obligation to continue.

That said most people carry on with us after the program and we have 3 options to carry on with:

1. Carry on with unlimited support for £49 per month.
2. Pay for a one off session when you need it £8.
3. Buy a block of 10 sessions to be used over 6 months £70.

Drop your information in below and a member of the team will be in touch

What Happens After I Submit My Info?

> Drop your information in to the box below - we will aim to phone you within 24 hours.

> We will have a chat to see if the program and the sessions will suit you and we will both decide if you are a good fit.

> If we decide it's for you we will take a payment on the phone and book you in to your intro session - held on Saturdays at 11am.

> Attend your Intro Session where we will set you up with the booking system, explain the program, give you your Care Package for the month and answer any questions you might have.

> Then we will take you on a happiness journey for the next 30 days as we  look to give you new skills and a new found happiness.

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Input your information below and a member of our Team will be in touch to talk you through the program and enrol you on your intro session.
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