Just Relax - Mental Well-Being Course
Just Relax - Mental Well-Being Course

Just Relax - Mental Well-Being Course

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Do you get stressed and overwhelmed?

Struggle to sleep at night and feel tired for days for no reason?

Ever feel yourself getting anxious, low or even feel yourself on that precipice of spiralling into depression?

Ocean Well-Being Support is here for people who want to release their mental handcuffs and lead a happier life.

“The Gym For Your Mind”

In the same way people use the gym to prevent the onset of illness Ocean Well-Being support is the “Gym for your Mind” and is here to help keep your mind active and healthy with more tools to help control your thoughts and emotions.

So WHAT is the problem?

Life has a great way of bombarding us with information all day long that we have to process.

Throw in life traumas, stress of work, finances and social life and everything can get a bit overwhelming.

Our minds can spiral away with unhelpful thought patterns and that can lead to emotions we can struggle to process.

Unchecked this may manifest itself into huge stress, anxiety or depression in your mind.

Why aren't we able to fix it?

To combat this stress and negative energy many people will look to all kinds of outlets to feel better but some can do more harm than good.

For some it will be to turn to alcohol and substances which we all know can help us feel good in the short-term but accelerate the spiral downward in the long term.

Other people may do something more positive like exercise and controlling nutrition and although these are scientifically proven to help promote a positive mind (and we absolutely encourage at Ocean!) they don’t address the problem directly.

It can end up masking or pro-longing a problem as it hasn’t addressed it.

Others will go for all manners of strategies in-between both consciously and subconsciously to manage stress with some having a negative effect and some having a positive effect.

Ocean Well-Being support is designed to combat the problems in our minds directly and work amazingly well in conjunction with many existing positive strategies like taking care of ourselves physically with exercise and good nutrition.

So why does what Ocean provides work?

The reason what we do works is because we look to address the problems in our minds directly and provide new tools that aim to instil ‘positive subconscious reactions’ to stress, anxiety and depression to reduce the potential onset of negative thought patterns and emotions.

This allows us to unshackle the handcuffs on our minds and disperse the brain fog to go about our daily lives happier and more productively while having the tools to control stress and anxiety when it inevitably comes our way.

One of our recent attendees put it brilliantly

“You think when you sit down at night or go to bed that you are relaxed, like you have switched off but you haven’t.

Your mind is still going, you are just sat still.

Physically you have stopped but you haven’t done anything mentally to stop it.

The tools I have learned have allowed me to understand how to better control my mind and when I use the tools I have learned the only way I can describe it is ‘feeling like a marshmallow, all warm and fluffy’.

I’ve felt the impact already.”

It is this effect that begins a positive mental spiral that snowballs.

Better tools to control your thoughts allow better social interactions, better decision making, better sleep which leads to improved mood and more positive thought patterns which in turn snowballs to again improve the tools you have in your mind and on it goes positively building momentum until it can’t be stopped.

So how can you get access to Ocean Well-Being support?

We start with our 4 week Just Relax program. 

Getting involved is a simple 3 Step Process:

1. Check out on this page - the program costs £49.

2. Receive your welcome emails - You will receive a receipt straight away shortly followed by an email explaining the next steps and providing access to our member only Facebook group The Ocean Health Club immediately. (Don't forget to check your junk inbox!)

3. Be greeted by our team and booked in - As soon as we can within working hours (Mon-Fri 6.30am-8.15pm, Sat 10am-1pm) our well-being team will phone you to welcome you to the program and book your first session in with you.

From there an incredible 4 weeks awaits you. 

How Just Relax works

The program provides 4 weeks of support.

As soon as you sign up to the program we will ship out a Care Package full of health and well-being products to support your 4 weeks on the program.

The Care Package will be to a value of a minimum of £15.

Delivered direct to your door it is our chance to help you get the most from the 4 weeks and help to provide a positive environment around you to support your well-being.

You'll get unlimited access to our four Just Relax and Charge Up sessions each week - Monday at 5pm, Tuesday at 8pm, Wednesday at 6pm and Thursday at 8pm.

They are delivered over Zoom so that any changing Covid restrictions wont affect our support to you.

You will book in to your sessions and access them remotely via TeamUp - a super simple booking system where you will access our support via an app on your phone. Don't worry about that, we will talk you through the super simple system on the phone.

In between sessions you will have access to The Ocean Health Club private members only Facebook group where our Well-Being team will be actively supporting you and your progress as well as where they will be available to answer questions.

If you aren't on Facebook and need support outside of the sessions you can contact us on support@oceanhealthandwellbeing.co.uk.

At the end of the program you will have the chance to try our ongoing well-being membership The Ocean Health Club where you'll be able to access to all that support on going, one off well-being sessions our team put on, you'll get a new care package shipped out every month and you'll get a 10% discount on any purchases at Ocean in-store or online.

So what are you waiting for?

Check-out on this page above and we look forward to speaking to you on the phone and welcoming you to the program.

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