LH Homemade - Soy Wax Melt

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LH Homemade are a company offering Highly Scented Soy Wax Products, Highly Scented Room Diffusers, Room Sprays, Scented Sachets, Floor Fresheners, Soap Sponges and much more. Their products are 100% homemade with love to a very high standard. So we were more than happy to share their great creations with our own customers.

their wax melt clamshells are highly scented using the best quality oils on the market. Completed they weigh on average 50g, and have a burning time of around 20 hours per bar. 

A wax melt can hold its aromas twice as long as using a normal scented candle, as the wax is only needed to be gently heated to release its aromas, while a scented candle is required to be burned. This mean you will save money by switching over to using wax melts.


Grab your wax melt burner, break a piece of the wax melt of your scent sit back and relax and enjoy the fumes of the magnificant scent