Skinny Food Flavoured Coffee

Skinny Food Flavoured Coffee

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Do you love all things Coffee? We have designed a match made in heaven for flavoured coffee lovers. All you require to add is boiling hot water and then you can enjoy the bursting flavours of you choice oozing through with every sip. Perfect for a morning pick me up or mid/late afternoon tasty drink. There is no need to add any sugar or milk, simply add hot water and enjoy every sip. 

  • Flavoured so no need to add any flavour
  • Instant Coffee
  • Sweetened so no need to add sugar/sweetener
  • Only 3 calories per cup
  • Ideal without adding milk
  • Just add hot water
  • Only 15p per cup


  1. Simply add a flat teaspoon (5g serving).
  2. Top up with 250-300ml of boiling hot water
  3. If you find the flavour too intense simply add more hot water.



coffee powder, sucralose, honeycomb flavouring.

*no allergens*

Nutty Hazelnut

coffee powder, sucralose, hazelnut flavouring.

*no allergens*

Chocolate Orange

coffee powder, sucralose, chocolate orange flavouring.

*no allergens*

Cinnamon Swirl

coffee powder, sucralose, cinnamon flavouring.

*no allergens*